Technical Language Examination

Qualification of international doctors

This new course concept provides you with the best possible preparation for your work as a doctor in Germany. As well as acquiring general and technical language proficiency, you will be taught personal and intercultural skills. Theoretical sessions are complemented by simulation training in our well-equipped Skills Labs, which include fully-equipped patient rooms and an operating theatre with intensive care and anaesthesia equipment. 

On request, we can also apply on your behalf for your medical licence. 

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Power Modul "technical language examination"

This 5 days power modul prepares you for the specialist language exam conducted by the Chambers of Physicians in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Next courses start on 19th March – 23. March 2018 and on 16th – 20th April 2018

Course description

International doctors wishing to acquire a medical licence to practise in North Rhine-Westphalia must take what is known as a technical language examination set by the medical association (Ärztekammer). This exam is a prerequisite for working as a doctor in Germany. Key elements of the exam include doctor-patient communication, the correct use of medical terms and the composition of discharge and referral letters and other documentation. As many candidates do not pass the exam at their first attempt, we offer this intensive module to give you the optimal preparation for the test. 



The course provides preparation that reflects the exact structure of the examination

Doctor-patient communication
Participants are usually able to ask the necessary questions about the patient's medical history but often find it difficult to correctly interpret secondary information provided by the patient, e.g.

  • understanding colloquial language relevant to the patient's medical condition
  • command of vocabulary relating to accident and injury
  • information about amounts and time, birth and year dates
  • interpreting the patient's social history
  • drawing conclusions about medical conditions based on medication
  • etc.

Written documentation
This refers to precise documentation of the patient's relevant medical history:

  • clearly comprehensible description of the relevant medical history
  • ability to reproduce patient information in a clearly structured manner
  • making a tentative diagnosis/differential diagnosis
  • further steps  

Doctor-doctor communication

  • Use of technical medical terms and expressions


  • Small group of eight participants - to allow intensive and individualized training
  • Parallel individual training courses on three tandem days to support each participant 
  • Extensive learning material and lecture notes


  • Qualified language instructors specialized in technical medical vocabulary
  • Doctors and language lecturers familiar with the procedures and requirements of the technical language examination provide subject-specific German lessons to doctors from abroad


Dates and times:

On days 1 and 2, the course runs from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm, and on days 3 to 5 from 9:30 am until 4.30 pm.


The course costs 750.00 €


Upon request we are able to rent a room for you in a hall of residence.


Personal Support Modul "Doctor in Germany"

The course provides a mix of theoretical and practical trainings, preparing you for the work as a doctor in a German hospital. 

Next course: Monday, 13th August – Friday 30th November 2018 

Course description

By combining the applied use of technical German with routine clinical processes, the course gives an insight at an early stage into the technical and organizational processes in place at German hospitals. In tandem courses, you will receive individual training in examination procedure. Where possible, your practical lessons will be complemented by shadowing placements in the various departments of our partner hospitals. 

Our team of tutors comprises doctors and experts in general German and medical German. Depending on your individual language level, you will either take the requisite telc B2 language exam during the course, or at a later date.


Personal and intercultural skills
Formalities, politeness, perception and impact, conflict management, conducting a discussion, reliability, courtesy, punctuality, openness, honesty, error management culture, avoiding and overcoming misunderstandings, cultural specificities, religious specificities, male/female and female/male role behaviour, dealing with superiors and colleagues, dealing with authorities

Technical language

  • Communication between doctor and patient: vocabulary relating to parts of the body, organs, organ systems, medical history structure, physical examination, patient introduction, medical discussion techniques
  • Medical history discussion: structure, vocabulary, basic attitude of doctor, aspects of intercultural communication, general and specific medical history, documentation, etc. 
  • Patient briefing: basic legal aspects, explanation of medical intervention, information also relating to pharmacotherapy, common errors, time and procedure, right of patient to revoke consent, documentation, etc.
  • Discharge letter: vocabulary, help with phrasing, relevant grammar, contents and layout, the discharge letter as a means of communication, distinguishing between different types of discharge letter, electronic discharge letter, etc.


  • Structures of the German healthcare system: legal framework conditions, health and nursing care insurance companies, laws governing benefits provided by statutory versus private health insurance, rehabilitation
  • Interviews, presenting oneself

Lectures, talks with teachers and participants, discussions, short presentations, action guidance, practical exercises, simulations (using the Skills Labs of ZAB GmbH) , shadowing placements in the partner hospitals of ZAB GmbH


  • Course duration: 4 months / 480 lesson units
  • Requirement for participants: level B1 (telc or Goethe-Institut) 
  • Course fee: 2,900.00 EUR 
  • Further services provided in cooperation with our partners:

    • Help with acquiring medical licence
    • Help with finding a job 

  • On request, we can offer you inexpensive accommodation in the grounds of ZAB-GmbH with good links to public transport and into the city. We will help you with all official procedures and formalities relating to your stay in Germany.
  • Dates and venues: for any further information, please contact Ulrike Steinecke or use our contact form.