International - qualification for international doctors and nurses in Germany

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Welcome to the ZAB, the Central Academy of Healthcare Professions in Gütersloh. Our courses give doctors and nurses from abroad the opportunity to acquire the qualifications they need to work in the German healthcare sector. In addition to providing the requisite technical qualifications, one key focus is on the acquisition of German language skills. In our courses, we teach a combination of general and technical German, as well as the kind of content needed to communicate routinely with patients in a wide variety of everyday clinical settings.   

What else can we do for you?

On request, we are also happy to support you in a number of other ways. Together with our partners, we can assist you with getting your qualifications recognized and obtaining your medical licence, and help you find a job that is commensurate with your skills. We attach great importance to matching the right hospital to the right applicant. 

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Qualification of international nurses

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Qualification of international doctors

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